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Dean's Message - November 2023

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Dear Members,

While recently seeking contact information for a guild mate on our website (Members Only tab), I learned something new.  I’m always delighted by learning new things, as they bring me inspiration.  Does this sound like one of the reasons we all love to weave?

My inspiration started with my search results. Using the keyboard “Ctrl F” command, and entering the first few letters of the member’s name, I entered “sha” and quickly found a large number of matches.  Using the little down carrot in the search box, I found that many of the matches for my search were related to a common interest of guild members, “shadow weave”.  This is why you are asked for your loom and weaving interests when you join the Guild.

Not only did I find the person’s contact information I was seeking, but I was inspired by the idea for a new special interest group, related to this weave structure.  Based on a recent interest of mine, originating with a conversation with a guild mate, I have been researching and studying shadow weave.  It only makes sense that I should eventually cross paths with others with this same interest.  

The simple inquiry resulted in new questions…what we weavers refer to as the “what ifs”.  What if I wanted to start a study group, using the Guild’s resources?  I should talk with Sara White, our Guild’s Coordinator of Study Groups.  What does our library have to offer, by way of books, journals, and sample books based on shadow weave?  I should speak with Nancy Flood, our WGB Librarian.  What if I wanted to have access to a workshop that focuses on shadow weave?  I should contact Sara White, our Morning Workshops Chair.


Participation.  It enhances your weaving experience.  The community of weavers that join together, from the most to the least experienced, all have something to share.  We can pay our dues, and weave in isolation, or we can join in, and see where new learning can take us.  I know that my curiosity and passion for new knowledge is a perfect match for what the weaving arts offer.  I know that my ability to grow as a weaver depends on my access to other weavers.  I am an active member of a robust weaving guild.  My dues entitle me to many options for delving into my curiosity.

What about you?  Let’s consider new ways to expand our knowledge.  Something grand might happen.  Join in.  Start a special interest group of your own.  Talk with Sarah White, and get your ideas off the ground.  Our Guild is a rich resource.  Use it to your advantage.  Participate as a volunteer, start a study group, attend meetings, find your new best friends.  We need every member to join in the fun.  There is a wealth of knowledge, techniques and friendships to gain, and you own this opportunity, as a member of the Weavers Guild of Boston.

Our strength is in our members!  



Other Volunteer Opportunities

Don't want to serve on a committee, but still want to help?  Use the 'Contact Us' form to let the Dean know what you can do to help.

  • Bring a dessert to a meeting

  • Work at our Annual Sale

  • Weave a sample

  • Demonstrate weaving 

  • House a speaker

  • Be a Greeter at our meetings

  • Sponsor a book for the Library

  • Help at a Yarn Sale

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